How to use CutePDF Writer to e-mail a filled-out form

The CutePDF Writer is a free program that creates a virtual printer.  With it, you can "print" documents to CutePDF Writer to turn them into PDF files.  If you use this technique with our PDF forms, you can save the filled-out form and e-mail it to your client.

1) Open the PDF form you will be using, as usual.  For example, you can open the Purchase and Sale Agreement.

2) Fill out the form

3) To save the form, click on File > Print

4) Choose the printer "CutePDF Writer" and click OK.

5) A "Save As" window should open, letting you select the destination and name of the new file.  I recommend saving the form as something like "123 Streetname Contract.pdf" or "Client Name Contract.pdf"

6) I strongly recommend that you double-check the new PDF file.  If it is correct, you can now e-mail it as an attatchment to your client.