Buyers are treated well at The Realty Association. We have compiled a great deal of information, including helpful links, which will get you started on your quest for a home. The best first step in preparing to buy through us is to get to know what's coming by reviewing the forms that we will use. Click on the links below to preview some of these documents:

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How Much Does It Cost to Use a Real Estate Agent?

The Seller usually pays the real estate commission. If the property is listed, the Seller has already committed to the expense. This means that it does not cost the Buyer anything extra to use a real estate agent. Because a Buyer's Agent is familiar with and can analyze local market conditions, a Buyer can often save money by using an agent in the negotiations and throughout the transaction.

Why Use a Realty Association Agent?

  • Independence - The Realty Association does not have ties with particular mortgage lenders or providers of other services. Because your Realty Association agent is not tied to particular providers, he or she is free to help you comparison shop and choose the services that are to your greatest advantage.
  • Experience - Buying or selling a home is often one of the biggest transactions a person makes. It is really helpful to have the hands-on guidance of someone who has been down the road before.
  • Knowledge - Realty Association agents receive the very best in-house training in the real estate industry. In addition, they are familiar with a wide range of resources (such as mortgage brokers, appraisers, etc.). They know how to locate and guide you through the community and government agencies that are involved in every real-estate transaction.
  • Support services - Realty Association agents are fortunate in having the very best services provided by the company. The Company provides its agents with in-house computer access, meeting rooms, phone and voice-mail services, and extended office hours to make your purchase as convenient for you as possible. Note especially that the Company makes its documents available online: you can look them up at your leisure!
  • Access - As a member company of the Multiple Listing Service, Realty Association agents have access to any property listed in Middle Tennessee. They can search out your property needs, set up the showings, help negotiate a contract, and see you through to a successful closing.

 How to Buy a HUD Home

You see a lot of TV ads about buying a home from HUD (the Housing and Urban Development office of the federal government). These are homes that have been returned to the government as a result of FHA foreclosures. You can purchase a HUD home through any licensed real estate agent whose company is HUD-approved. The Realty Association is a HUD-approved broker.