Sellers are treated well at The Realty Association. We have compiled a great deal of information, including helpful links, which will get you started on your quest to sell your home. The best first step in preparing to sell through us is to get to know what's coming by reviewing the forms that we will use. Click on the links below to preview some of these documents:

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access our documents. If you do not have it already, you can get it (free) by clicking the Adobe Reader image below. 


Some things are better left to professionals! 

Take the Stress Out of Selling 

There was a time when selling your home was much easier than it is today. Each year new regulations and requirements increase the difficulty and complexity of the process. A real estate professional can guide you through the maze of showings, negotiations, and paperwork requirements, making the transaction both enjoyable and profitable. Next time, use a professional!

The sellers contract with a listing agent to pay a commission for the sale of their property. The commission is a percentage of the actual sales price. The percentage is negotiable between the seller and the listing broker, and will be clearly stated on the listing agreement. [Unfortunately, we cannot state a "rate", or even a "range of rates" here because of the Federal Anti-trust Act]. Commissions may vary with the level of services offered. Remember that the listing broker usually splits the commission with a co-operating broker who brings a buyer. This often means that The Realty Association (or any other company) receives only half of the commission paid.

  • Seller's Guide To Agency Law in TN
  • A Guide To Real Estate Closings
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form
  • Property Condition Disclosure Act: Guide for Sellers
  • Property Condition Disclosure Form
  • Realtor's Critical Role in Transaction - 180 Action Steps
  • Tax Assessor Websites
  • Trustee Websites to search or submit a tax payment
  • What You Need to Know Before You Sell Your Home
  • Working with a Real Estate AgentHow Much Does It Cost to Use a Real Estate Agent? What Do You Get?
    • Market Exposure - Your property will be listed in the Multiple Listing Service. Every real estate agent in Middle Tennessee (over 4000 agents) will be working to find you a buyer. However, you only have to pay one of them through the listing broker.
    • No Up-front Costs - The agent takes the financial risk of marketing your property, paying for advertising, listing services, signage, and the staffing costs needed to set up showings and handle the calls. You typically pay a commission only if the agent's efforts are successful.
    Why a Realty Association Agent?
    • Independence - Realty Association agents are not tied down by rules created elsewhere by some franchise corporate office. Our official policy statement is: "It's your business". Company requirements are that our agents keep their work moral, ethical, legal, professional, and timely. They are free to handle your transaction in a way that satisfies you.
    • Experience - Buying or selling a home is one of the biggest transactions a person makes. But most people don't do it very often! It is really helpful to have the hands-on guidance of someone who has been down the road before. Many of our agents have several years experience in the real estate business. Even the newest agent has the benefit of an experienced staff for review and consultation at every step.
    • Knowledge - While not tied to any one service provider, Realty Association agents are familiar with the various resources in the area from which to choose. They know how to locate and guide you through the community and government agencies that are involved in every real estate transaction.
    • Exposure - As a member company of the Multiple Listing Service, Realty Association agents can put your property in the search range of every member of the MLS in Middle Tennessee. Nearly 4000 agents in Middle Tennessee and the public anywhere can find your property on internet sites such as,, and this site. Click on "MLS Home Search" on the sidebar to check this out.
    • Incentive - The higher commission split in The Realty Association assures you that your agent is working for you, not the broker.
    • Support Services - Realty Association agents are fortunate in having the best support services in the industry. The company provides its agents with in-house computer access, meeting rooms, phone and voice-mail services, and extended office hours to make your transaction as convenient for you as possible. The company also makes its documents available online: you can look them up at anytime!